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Meet The Team! 

Ms. Erica U.


Erica Uzzle is an OnStar Sales Leader for General Motors. She received her B.S from Michigan State University. At the age of twelve, Erica began working with the Money Matters for Youth Financial Literacy Camp under Gail Perry-Mason. After 19 years, Erica now assists with the Money Matters for Youth Program marketing and operations. She has traveled to numerous states and Montego Bay, Jamaica, to assist with teaching financial literacy to youth. During her four years at General Motors she has been able to work as a Social Media Specialist and Team Leader in the Warren Customer Engagement Center; responsible for developing content across owned and earned channels, including tweets and status updates and leading a rotating team of 13 exceeding expectations by achieving performance results in under four months. Currently in her role as an OnStar Sales leader she is hitting key performance indicators by leading change across the enterprise. In her free time she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and eating. She also enjoys spending time with her family, especially her 2 nieces. Erica is a Jack and Jill Association Alumni, member of the National Association of Security Brokers, and sits on the nonprofit board of Winner-R-Us, an organization dedicated to promoting the affiliation of the elderly and youth back together in the neighborhood. 

Ms. Dorian H. 

Ms. Dorian loves volunteering with Money Matters For Youth and has done so many years! She chaperones on trips and always ready to help when and where needed! Dorian is our Administrative Lead; her primary role is registration. Dorian assists the team to ensure an efficient operation of the camp through a variety of preparational tasks. She keeps the team on track with her time management, organizational, and strategic planning skills. Dorian loves children and has over 23 years in the health care industry, specializing in disability compliance laws and regulations.  She is an industry specialist, called upon to develop and perform group presentations and training modules to many audiences. She works closely with Human Resources, Corporate executives, Managers, government liaisons and attorneys on policies and procedures on disability, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Dorian is dedicated to the protection and advancing the rights of people with disAbilities, advocating for the best outcome for all.

Ms. Michelle T.


Michelle Taylor self-published her first book, Taylor’s Word On Debt: How You Got Into Debt, And How You Can Get Out, in April of 2011.  The book chronicles how she went from a salesperson at a major telecommunications company, to a real estate entrepreneur that amassed a mountain of debt totaling close to $1 million and the strategies used to rid her balance sheet of that debt. Michelle’s gripping cautionary tale of poor decisions and a naïve approach to a specific business proposition gives others the necessary tools and information to prevent them from going through the rough spots that she encountered. Michelle's book titled, Taylor's Word On Debt is the first installment of the Taylor’s Word On… series, a sequence of books that will also chronicle Michelle’s take on single parenting, living single and other topics.


In September of 2011 she went back to school to pursue a Education Degree. In that same year Michelle was introduced to Mrs. Gail Perry -Mason, Founder of Money Matters For Youth Camp for teens ages 8-18 and Author of Girl Make your Money Grow. Mrs.Perry-Mason blessed Michelle with the amazing opportunity to coach her Money Matters for youth campers in the Summer of 2011 until present. Michelle is a God-fearing woman who uses the Bible as her guide to helping others. She realized how God can turn your past mess into your present miracle. She has dedicated the past 8 years to serving our youth with love and financial education in hopes to reach them early before they encounter the same pitfalls she encountered with debt. Michelle believes that Biblical principles can guide others in every aspect of their life, whether financial, spiritual, physical or otherwise.  Michelle is the single mother of Matthew, and together they live in the Detroit area.

Ms. Carla is our Event Planner and Creative Lead. She has volunteered for the past years assisting with trips, fundraisers, classes, and logistics. Her creativity turns each Money Matters For Youth location into fun-filled, learning environment. Carla is a phenomenal mother and her son, Clopher Jr., is managing his own cleaning business, CJ’s Janitorial Services.   

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