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At Money Matters 4 Youth, we believe that exposure to financial literacy can change lives.

We call our students investors because they're our investment in the future. 



 Youth ages 8 - 18 who attend Money Matters 4 Youth will receive:

  • The opportunity to begin an online stock portfolio

  • A stock portfolio as an inducement to save for college 

  • A vision board

  • Internship and job assistance and Interviewing skills

  • The opportunity to become a youth counselor 

  • A link to community services based on need

  • Public speaking skills 

  • Five avenues of income streams each day

  • Opportunities for scholarships and scholarship information

  • Taking stock in their futures

  • Business etiquette

  • Life skills

  • Entrepreneurship - they will start their own business!

  • Cooking and healthy eating skills

  • Ballroom dance lessons 

  • Budgeting skills


  • How to write thank you notes

  • How to give back to their community

  • Golf lessons (most business deals are made on the golf course!)

  • The art of investing photography

  • How to plant a financial garden

  • They will learn that Success Benefits Others First

  • It's about Wealthcare -  we teach them to obtain welath, but most of all to care. You never meet a poor giver!

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